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Culturismototal was born from my personal experience, I am Eduardo Domínguez Zambrana, national bodybuilding teacher and trainer, personal trainer, competitor trainer, qualified expert in sports nutrition and supplementation, writer of bodybuilding works, blogger, course instructor and bodybuilding judge. On this website I will try to serve you with all the necessary material to achieve your goals, both in supplements and in teaching material or personalized follow-ups. In my blog you can also find a lot of advice, both on nutrition and training, as well as sports supplementation and ergogenic aids, as well as advice on competition.

I currently have three published books that are top sellers in this sector and a reference in our sport and I hope there will be many more, one is "High-performance bodybuilding and fitness", the other the SARM bible in PDF and the other dedicated to pharmacological aids, which is "Anabolic steroids, peptides and other substances".

I started in this sport in 1989, with which I have more than 30 years of experience and I am always learning and studying, both in terms of training and nutrition and sports supplementation. Be careful with many of the fitness influencers who promise spectacular progress in a short time, Rome was not built in two days, therefore having a good physique is a matter of dedication, perseverance and time. Also, do not do the meaningless exercises that you see, always inform yourself a little before starting a sports activity, as well as a proper diet, on my blog you have a lot of information to start.

I have been a competitor for several years, at the beginning of the 90s, although I admit that I am not one of those who likes to compete because of the stress it creates in me, although for many years I have prepared myself as if it were a competition.

Be careful with following the training routines of champions that come in magazines or the internet because we will almost certainly fail, since it is a routine designed for him, who lives by and for bodybuilding and in most cases they are routines of pre-competition

You always have to keep in mind that this sport is based on three pillars: training, nutrition and rest, like a three-legged table, if one fails, everything falls.

Be patient because developing a great physique is not a matter of months but of years, but with dedication and perseverance you will get where you want to be. Not everyone is gifted to be a Jay Cutler but everyone is gifted to achieve a great physique.

If you are not getting the expected results, check your diet and train that something will fail, surely the diet that is responsible for approximately 80% of the results.

You can hire me online or in person to prepare your routines, diets, supplements, etc. and prepare a specific plan for you, so that you achieve your goals as soon as possible.

You know, train as hard as possible so that your muscle fibers have no choice but to grow, eat big to provide the body with the necessary nutrients to grow and get enough rest, since the muscle is developed outside the gym.


True bodybuilding is not a sport, but a lifestyle.


You can opt for online follow-ups, as well as face-to-face if you want to travel so that I can assess you personally in consultation, our facilities are in Utrera 41710 - Seville - Spain.

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