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The SARM Bible


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This book in PDF is dedicated to informing about the use and effects of SARMs, these new substances that are so fashionable now in our sport and that it is not yet well understood how they work, their effectiveness, their side effects, or how to take them. these substances, since they are not natural and innocuous supplements as some brands market them, therefore, I will show you in a practical and simple way how to use these compounds to get the best benefit while minimizing side effects, as well as what to expect from each compound.

Its effectiveness is more than proven, but some of them are substances still under study and that in the near future they may even have clinical use, as well as other substances that have not yet been studied in humans, only in rodents, and that they will end up being used only to increase sports performance knowing that their long-term side effects are unknown, like many peptides. 72 pages with valuable and truthful information.

The use of substances to improve strength and muscle development is always at the forefront in all sports, especially high-performance sports, as well as bodybuilding and fitness. Whether they are doping substances or not, there is always ongoing research, in search of the miraculous supplement or substance that can increase performance.

As we all know, anabolic steroids are par excellence the most used substances used to increase performance, but these have their side effects, which can be from mild to very serious, obviously, the more use and abuse, the greater the side effects. . Although these substances were created for therapeutic purposes, they still have side effects.

That is why the pharmaceutical industry is looking for substances that can be substitutes for steroids, and these new substances are SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators), in Spanish (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators)

Although these substances are still under investigation (some in phase III clinical trials), they can already be found through online sales in various supplement stores, although they claim that they are natural substances or supplements, this is not true, since They are drugs still under investigation to replace anabolics in various therapies, but they are by no means natural substances or harmless supplements.

SARMs have fewer side effects than steroids yes, but claiming that they are supplements is lying. It is true that bodybuilders, due to their desire to increase muscle mass, become the guinea pigs in this world, and they are almost always the first to try new substances that can enhance our development, it is happening with SARMs as with peptides , that is, they are substances that are or were being studied, but that are still being studied and are still not legal or 100% safe, so find out a little before using any substance, and if you do, do it at least knowing how they work to minimize risks to your health, but remember that they are not natural supplements and long-term side effects are not yet known.



What is a SARM?                                    

Other types of substances that are called SARM and are not.     


The ghrelin secretagogues                           

Clinical use and trials                                  

Widespread side effects                         

Weight gains and muscle mass                       

Hormonal axis HPTA and SARM                              

Are these compounds legal?                          

Design a cycle with SARMs                              

Group 1, MRSA                                      

Group 2, PPAR receptors                              

Group 3, Ghrelin Secretagogue (increased GH and IGF-1 levels)               

How to get off a SARM therapy                          

Recommended supplements when leaving the cycle                  

Supplements for liver clearance                    

Loss of muscle mass after SARM therapy            

post cycles                                          

post cycle smooth                                      

strong post cycle                                      

Examples of cycles                                    

Basic 4-week volume cycle                     

6 week volume cycle                          

10 week volume cycle                         

Basic 4 week definition cycle                     

6 week definition cycle                          

10 week definition cycle                         

SARMs as bridging substances                        

Substances that can be used during the bridge             


SARMS profiles and description

Andarine S4                                        

Ostarine MK-2866                                    

Ligandrol LGD-4033                                   

Testolone RAD-140                                   




PPAR receptors


Stenabolic SR9009                                   


Ghrelin secretagogue (increased GH and IGF-1 levels)


Ibutamoren MK677                                   


The training

The training                                    

examples of routines                                  

Routine example 1, frequency 1                      

Routine example 2, frequency 2                      

Routine example 3, frequency 2                      

Sample routine for girls                           

The training when leaving the cycle                              

post cycle routine                                     

The diet

The diet                                           

How much protein to take during a SARM cycle?        

protein needs                              

carbohydrates and fats                            

Sample diet for boys                            

Sample diet for girls                            


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