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Bodybuilding and fitness competition trainer


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If you want to work as an athlete trainer for bodybuilding and fitness competitions, this is your course. With him you will learn the most advanced techniques, both training and nutrition, tuning and pharmacology to be able to apply them in the most effective way. It will treat both natural athletes and those with the use of ergogenic substances.


" A course based on practice, based on trial and error, both new trends and old school, keeping what really works with proven data and practices for years.

Also suitable for people who do not want to compete, but want to achieve their best version in muscle development and definition, as it includes the basics of bodybuilding and advanced bodybuilding nutrition.

It will treat both natural athletes and those with the use of doping substances, since they are different approaches, as well as a section for girls who are also many current competitors.

This course will give you the necessary knowledge to prepare any athlete of any level and category. A course based on competition at the highest level and designed by me; Eduardo Domínguez , where you will find 30 years of experience at your fingertips.

A preparation to compete seems like a very simple thing but it is not, in addition to the fact that, if things are not done well, a lot of muscle mass is lost along the way, not to mention the disastrous set-ups that sometimes ruin the preparation of months of hard work. Now you have at your fingertips unpublished material in this world, which will make you a professional in the preparations.

This course gives you a solid foundation on what to do at each moment of preparation so that everything goes as stipulated, as long as the athlete complies 100% of course. In addition, you can do it from home and at your own pace (from anywhere in the world), since it is completely remote. You can start whenever you want and you have 1 year to take the final exam. " .

In this course you will find:

  • Bases of training and hypertrophy.

  • Training frequency and volume.

  • How to create a training routine

  • Periodization of training and recovery phases.

  • High intensity techniques for advanced athletes.

  • Number of repetitions per series, cadence, rest, etc.

  • Optimal range of motion.

  • Muscle failure.

  • Training routines (more than 20 examples of routines).

  • Cardiovascular work and techniques for fat loss.

  • Diets and nutritional techniques.

  • Supplementation.

  • Chemical aids, basic level (Therapies, blast and cruise, TRT, post cycles, etc.).

  • Pass an anti-doping control.

  • Plan a pre-competition program.

  • Ready for a competition.

  • Advice on competition, dye and staging.

  • Categories and competition requirements.

  • How to be a good coach and trainer.


What does the course include?

  • Agenda in PDF with A4 format of 170 pages.

  • 400 hour course.

  • Up to 1 year to take the final exam.

  • Bodybuilding Certification Diploma Total Academy (unregulated training center).

  • Contact via email to resolve doubts.




Important announcement


1. The basics of bodybuilding

      - The basics of bodybuilding

      - The training

      - The nutrition

      - Rest

      - mental attitude


2. How to be a good coach and trainer

      - How to be a good coach and trainer

      - Factor time and experience

      - Training and money

      - This course

      - Recommended books


3. Plan a competition program

      - Waste of money

      - Level of muscle mass

      - Time needed to define

      - Hire a trainer


4. Competition categories and criteria

      - Choose the category

      -Fitness bikini

      - Wellness Bikini

      - BodyFitness

      - Woman Physique

      -Mens Physique

      - Muscle Mens Physique

      - Classic Physique

      - Classic bodybuilding

      - Bodybuilding

      - Assessment by the judges

      - Categories and weights    


5. Bases of a preparation

      - The basics of a pre-competition preparation

      - The training

      - The diet

      - Chemical aids

      - Rest

      - Stages of a preparation

      - volume stage

      - Definition stage

      - Fine tunning

      - Errors when preparing a competition


6. Staging

      - Competition tint

      - How to prepare the skin so that there are no stains

      - How to apply the dye

      - Various tips for which you can not compete

      - The warm-up

      - Tips for guys

      - Tips for girls

      - The pose

      - The choreography


7. Nutrition

      - Macronutrients

      - Proteins

      - Protein needs in bodybuilding

      - Carbohydrates

      - Glycemic index

      - Glycemic load

      - When to take each type of carbohydrate

      - Foods that interfere with the absorption of carbohydrates

      - Carbohydrate needs

      - Fats

      - Fat needs

      - The fiber

      - The keys to nutrition in our sport


8. Diets

      - How to prepare a diet according to your needs

      - Katch Mcardle's Formula

      - Ratio of immediate principles to volume

      - Proportion of the immediate principles for fat loss

      - Calculate a diet quickly

      - Basic Tips

      - Diets

      - Considerations for volume

      - Examples of diets for volume

      - Considerations for definition

      - Examples of diets for definition


9. Fat loss

      - Starting fat loss

      - Metabolic damage or adaptation

      - Advice to reactivate the thyroid and therefore the metabolism

      - Guide to fat loss

      - Zigzag diet

      - Intermittent fasting


10. Cardio work

      - Cardio to burn fat

      - Functioning of the Insulin-Glucagon relationship

      - Ideal times to do cardio to burn fat

      - Types of cardio

      - Linear cardio or liss

      - Cardio HIIT

      - Cardio Tabata


11. Supplementation

      - Essential supplements in advanced athletes

      - Optional supplements

      - Example of advanced supplementation for volume stage

      - Example of advanced supplementation for definition stage

      - Example of daily supplementation of a professional bodybuilder

      - Bodybuilder Pharmacology

      - Various supplements and pharmacy drugs

      - Supplements used in pre-competition

      - Liver purifiers and natural diuretics

      - Joints

      - Various supplements

      - Supplements satiating and used in definition

      - Supplements to reactivate energy

      - Libido and HPTA recovery

      - Antiestrogens and prolactin

      - DHT levels, prostate, skin and hair


12. Set up

      - Fine tunning

      - Important considerations

      - Competition week training

      - Diet: unloading and loading of carbohydrates

      - Glycogen stores

      - The bases of glycogen loading

      - Load with insulin

      - Aggressive download and upload example

      - Example of progressive download and upload

      - Download and upload example for girls

      - Competition day diet

      - Sodium / Potassium

      - Water intake

      - Linear tuning without discharge

      - Supplements for diuresis

      - Chemical aids to eliminate

      - Fluid retention on the day of the competition

      - What to do if you have to give a competition weight


13. Training and post-competition diet

      - Diet

      - I train

      - Post competition routine

      - Social life and family


14. Health in bodybuilding

      - Health in bodybuilding and fitness

      - Blood tests

      - Values to consider

      - Other values to consider

      - Urine analysis

      - "Saturation" of proteins    

      - The liver

      - Starting a hepatic clearance

      - Nutritional advice for hepatic purification

      - Supplements used in hepatic purification

      - Common symptoms of an overloaded liver

      - Abdominal dilation in bodybuilding

      - Solution to abdominal distension

      - Gynecomastia

      - Acne


15. Anabolic steroids and other substances

      - Substances used for size and strength

      - Substances used for definition

      - How to design your cycle

      - Examples of cycles

      - Basic level post cycle

      - Post cycle advanced level

      - Rest time between cycles

      - Conservative use

      - moderate use

      - aggressive use

      - Blast and cruise   

      - Things you should assess before doing a Blast and cruise

      - Benefits of Blast and Cruise

      - Control estrogen during the cruise

      - Recovery during the cruise

      - Use of Ovitrelle or HCG

      - Growth hormone

      - Clenbuterol, ephedrine and yohimbine

      - Sibutramine

      - SARMs

      - Anti-doping controls

      - Detection time of each substance

      - Procedure to pass a control

      - Example of last weeks

      - Side effects of anabolic steroids


16. Progressive training, periodization and recovery phases

- Progressive training

- Periodization of training and recovery phases

- Supercompensation

- overtraining

- Signs that may indicate that there is overtraining

- Overtraining test


17. Training

      - Volume training vs. definition training

      - Training variables

- intensity

- Training volume

- Number of total sets per muscle group per week

- Total sets per week and per muscle group for athletes without the use of aids       chemicals.

- Total sets per week and per muscle group for advanced and professional athletes       with the use of chemical aids.

- Training frequency

- Training days per week

- Number of repetitions per series

- Weight or load

- Cadence

- Rest between sets

- Selection of exercises

- Range of motion

- Muscle failure yes or no

- muscle confusion

- Level 1 routines (natural athletes) 

- Level 2 routines (athletes with use of doping substances)

- Recovery routines


18. Training in women

- Training in women

- Model or Division 1

- Model or division 2

- Routine 1 for girls. Variable intensity and volume.

- Routine 2 for girls. Intensity and progressive volume.

- Routine 3 for girls. Supersets

- Routine 4 for girls. descending series.

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