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High performance bodybuilding and fitness


This book contains all the necessary information to become a great bodybuilder or professional, from your first training to the highest competition or professional level.  

At  You will find the bases of hypertrophy: the volume of training according to level, frequency, repetitions, rests between series, cadence, training routines, systems, periodization, stages of preparation and set-up for a competition, as well as a correct diet and basic supplementation for it.


" High performance bodybuilding and fitness is born from my own experience, athletes whom I have trained and prepared, studied courses and books, as well as trainers with whom I have been lucky enough to prepare and train.

I will not deal with a unique or personal system because I think that all well-planned training systems can work, what happens is that everything works for a limited time, since the body quickly adapts and accommodates to the stimuli, ceasing to produce benefits, for Therefore, I consider changes of systems and routines as the first tool for muscle growth, at least in the advanced athlete.

In addition, the book deals with both natural athletes and athletes using chemical aids, which most books do not, therefore I consider them incomplete, as training and nutrition vary considerably. I also include a part dedicated to the girls, which we sometimes forget about.

I hope you like this book and help you in your goals, I wish when I started in this sport 30 years ago, I would have found a book like this " .


1. The basics of bodybuilding

      - What is bodybuilding?

      - The basics of bodybuilding

      - The training

      - The nutrition

      - Rest

      - mental attitude

      - Important Tip

      - How to be a good coach and/or trainer

      - Factor time and experience

      - Training and money


2. Morphological types and genetics

      - Endomorph

      - Mesomorph

      - Ectomorph

      - The genetic


3. Hormonal environment and main hormones involved in hypertrophy

      - Anabolic hormones

      - Testosterone

      - Growth hormone


      - Insulin

      - Thyroid

      - Hormones to control

      - Cortisol

      - Estrogen

      - Insulin


4.- Types of muscle fibers

- Fast white fibers Type II-B

- Intermediate-fast white fibers type II-A

- Slow Fibers Type I or red

- List of Muscles, from the greatest amount of slow or red fiber to fast white

- Conclution

5. Muscle growth, hypertrophy and hyperplasia

      - Why don't I grow up?

      - Muscle growth

      - Muscle growth activation pathways

      - Mechanical tension, also called tension stimulus

      - Metabolic stress, also called metabolic stimulation

      - muscle damage

      - Types of hypertrophy (sarcomeric hypertrophy and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy)

      - hyperplasia

- Amount of muscle gained over time

- Optimal fat level for hypertrophy

      - Loss of muscle mass after inactivity

6. Progressive training, periodization and recovery phases

- Progressive training

- Periodization of training and recovery phases

- Supercompensation

- overtraining

- Signs that may indicate that there is overtraining

- Overtraining test


7. Training variables

- intensity

- Training volume

- Number of total sets per muscle group per week

- Total sets per week and per muscle group for beginner level boys

- Total sets per week and per muscle group for medium or advanced level boys without the use of chemical aids.

- Total sets per week and per muscle group for advanced level boys and/or professionals with the use of chemical aids.

- Training frequency

- Training days per week

- Number of repetitions per series

- Weight or load

- Cadence

- Rest between sets

- Selection of exercises

- Range of motion

- Muscle failure yes or no

- muscle confusion


8. Exercises and muscle locations

      - Types of grips

      - Tips on performing the exercises

      - Exercises for the chest and ribcage

      - Exercises for the back

      - Exercises for the shoulders and trapezius

      - Exercises for triceps  

      - Exercises for biceps

      - Exercises for forearms

      - Exercises for quadriceps and adductors

      - Exercises for femoral or hamstrings and glutes

      - Exercises for gastrocnemius and soleus

      - Exercises for the abdominals, oblique and transverse


9. Training systems

      - Classic system

      - Slow cadence system

      - High intensity training systems or techniques

      - Heavy duty system

- Eclectic system

- System of forced and/or negative series

- Super-series system

      - Tri-series system

      - Giant series system

      - Descending series system

      - Rest pause or rest pause system

      - Pre-exhaustion system

      - Double split system

      - Trap system or principle

      - Other training systems


10. How to create a routine

- How to create a training routine

- Example of bad and good routine 

- Example of division for frequency 1

- Example of divisions for frequency 2

- How to train a backward muscle

- Method 1. to train a lagging muscle (frequency 2)

- Method 2. to train a lagging muscle (frequency 3)


11. Warm-up and stretching

- Warm-up phases

- stretching


12. Routines

- Routines level 1 (Beginners)

- Routine 1: Initiation for the first month

- Routine 2: Second month

- Routine 3: Third and fourth month

- Routine 4: Fifth and sixth month

- Level 2 routines (Intermediate and advanced natural

- Routine 5. Conventional

- Routine 6. Progressive and variable intensity routine

- Routine 7. Supersets

- Routine 8. Tri-sets

- Routine 9. Descending series

- Routine 10. Rest-pause

- Routine 11. Frequency 2

- Level 3 routines (Advanced, professionals and competitors)

- Routine 12. Conventional

- Routine 13. Progressive and variable intensity routine

- Routine 14. Eclectic system

- Routine 15. Frequency routine 2 – 1

- Routine 16. Frequency routine 2 – 2

- Routine 17. Frequency routine 2 – 3

- Routine 18. Advanced routine of frequency 2 and double division

- Recovery or download routines

- Workout 19, recovery week or shock 1

- Workout 20, recovery week or shock 2



13. Training in women

- Training in women

- Model or Division 1

- Model or Division 2

- Routine 1 for girls. Variable intensity and volume.

- Routine 2 for girls. Intensity and progressive volume.

- Routine 3 for girls. Supersets

- Routine 4 for girls. descending series.


14. Injuries

      - Bursitis

      - Sprains and strains

      - Luxations (dislocations)

      - Fibrillar breaks

      - Treatment of fibrillar ruptures.

      - tendinitis

      - Treatment of tendinitis

      - General rehabilitation

      - Recovery program for ligaments and tendons

      - Recovery program for muscles


15. Cardio work

      - Cardio to burn fat

      - Functioning of the Insulin-Glucagon relationship

      - Ideal times to do cardio to burn fat

      - Types of cardio

      - Linear cardio or liss

      - Cardio HIIT

      - Cardio Tabata


16. Nutrition

      - Macronutrients

      - Proteins

      - Protein needs in bodybuilding

      - Carbohydrates

      - Glycemic index

      - Glycemic load

      - Carbohydrate needs  

      - Fats

      - Fat needs

      - The fiber

      - The keys to nutrition in our sport

      - How to prepare a diet according to your needs

      - Katch Mcardle's Formula

      - Ratio of immediate principles to volume

      - Proportion of the immediate principles for fat loss

      - Basic Tips

      - Diets

      - Considerations for volume

      - Considerations for definition

      - Example of volume diet for athlete of approximately 90 kilos

      - Example of volume diet for athlete of approximately 80 kilos

      - Example of volume diet for an athlete of approximately 70 kilos

      - Example of a definition diet for an athlete weighing approximately 90 kilos

      - Example of definition diet for athlete of approximately 80 kilos

      - Example of a definition diet for an athlete weighing approximately 70 kilos


17. Nutrition in women

      - Nutrition in women

      - Example of volume diet for a girl of approximately 60 kilos

      - Example of volume diet for a girl of approximately 50 kilos

      - Example of definition diet for a girl of approximately 60 kilos

      - Example of definition diet for a girl of approximately 50 kilos


18. Fat Loss

      - Starting fat loss

      - Metabolic damage or adaptation

      - Guide to fat loss

      - Zigzag diet

      - Intermittent fasting


19. Supplementation in bodybuilding

      - Essential supplements in advanced athletes

      - Optional supplements

      - Example of advanced supplementation

      - Example of daily supplementation of a professional bodybuilder

      - Bodybuilder Pharmacology

      - Various supplements and pharmacy drugs

      - Supplements used in pre-competition

      - Liver purifiers and natural diuretics

      - Joints

      - Various supplements

      - Supplements satiating and used in definition

      - Supplements to reactivate energy

      - Libido and HPTA recovery

      - Antiestrogens and prolactin

      - DHT levels, prostate, skin and hair


20. The Competition

      - Waste of money

      - Level of muscle mass

      - Time needed to define

      - Fit into the category

      - The basics of a pre-competition preparation

      - The training

      - The diet

      - Chemical aids

      - Rest

      - Fine tunning

      - Competition week training

      - Diet: unloading and loading of carbohydrates (2 examples)

      - Charging considerations

      - Competition day diet

      - Sodium / Potassium

      - Water intake

      - Supplements for diuresis

      - Chemical aids to eliminate

      - Post competition stage

      - Final notes


21. Health in bodybuilding

      - Health in bodybuilding and fitness

      - Blood tests

      - Urine analysis

      - "Saturation" of proteins    

      - The liver

      - Starting a hepatic clearance

      - Nutritional tips for liver detoxification

      - Supplements used in liver detoxification or purification

      - Common symptoms of an overloaded liver

      - Abdominal dilation in bodybuilding

      - Solution to abdominal distension

      - Gynecomastia


22. Brief guide to anabolic steroids

      - Used for size and strength

      - Used in definition

      - Those with the most side effects

      - Those with the fewest side effects

      - Those that do not aromatize, to be chosen by those who already have gynecomastia or are prone to it.

      - DHT derivatives, to moderate their use by those who tend to hair loss, or acne.

      - When evaluating the risk/benefit factor, these are the chosen ones.

      - Other substances and hormones used

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